People Wonder Why I Give So Many Compliments Out To Strangers

People Wonder Why I Give So Many Compliments Out To Strangers

People wonder why I give so many compliments out to strangers. I’m not being fake and I’m not looking for people to like me. But if I pass someone and I like something, I say it. ‘Love those shoes!’ or ‘Great hair!’ or ‘Wow your eyes are beautiful!’…. why? Because life is hard and this world can be a shitty place, and people are mean. You never know how much those few words mean to someone, you never know what hell they may be going through; and when you put positivity out there into the universe you yourself become a happier person. It’s hard to be nice and be miserable yourself. It’ll reflect from the outside in. I’m telling you random compliment giving will change your life; and maybe someone else’s too.

Jordan Sarah Weatherhead

Written by The Minds Journal Editorial

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