People Change For Two Main Reason

People Change For Two Main Reason

People change for two main reason:

either their minds have open or their hearts have broken. 

– Steven Aitchison

10 thoughts on “People Change For Two Main Reason”

  1. Avatar of Atul Thakur

    Both things happened to me simultaneously….. But still I am alive in psychological sense and making my way out of it and into something great…. What ever happen in your life there are people who put you in knowingly or unknowingly… But there are those too who want you to come out of it…. It’s our choice whose hand we want to grab tighter…… But in the end its always us the individual who has to decide.. It’s just we need that extra push out of us and that capability to discern amongst the two…

  2. Avatar of Mary Jane Dacumos-Caranto

    Change when crossing the boundaries in all aspects, when attitudes & behavior is too much to be patient about when it’s not right or proper anymore..
    Then change must step in, simply saying enough is enough…Just saying

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