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Tonight Is The Most Transformative New Moon Of 2017 — OPENS PORTAL TO PROSPERITY IN 2018

Tonight Is The Most Transformative New Moon Of 2017 — OPENS PORTAL TO PROSPERITY IN 2018

A change is coming. It has started. And it will manifest itself. It is going to touch all of us on a soul level.

Tonight Is The Most Transformative New Moon Of 2017 — THAT OPENS THE PORTAL TO PROSPERITY IN 2018 and is the highest point of rebirth energy for the year. This is what you can expect:

It is the time for the dissolution and release of old ways, to make way for the new come 2018.

The period from 31 October to 31st December is the darkest time of the year but is also considered to be a potent portal of transformation, where the veil between Earth and Spirit World is thinner.

In our modern world, the mysteries of nature and shadow that The Void represent are seldom shared or taught because they can be confronting if misunderstood. These shadowy themes running through our personal and collective worlds until the close of year can feel pretty daunting, but fear not, as the Cosmos align to bring us an equally powerful gift to ease your path through the darkness.



Then on November 18th the new moon rises in the intense and passionate sign of Scorpio, opposing the current Scorpio sun. The dark sky represents a blank canvas on which we can create our deepest wishes. In this emptiness, there is a sense of limitless possibility.

This double-dose of Scorpio will add fuel to this already incredibly transformational period but, beware though, it may rifle up some drama, instability and intensity as Scorpio, a fixed water sign, begs you to dive deep into the depths of your psychic, intuitive and emotional waters.

Still waters run deep if the theme of your month, and while it may feel dark and heavy at times, there are so many gifts waiting for you below the surface, buried treasures and hidden truths that can spark amazing transformation when brought into the light of your consciousness. The natural processes of clearing, integration and release triggered during this dark period will be hugely amplified with this New Moon, along with your innate manifesting power as you unearth many gifts and talents you never knew you had.


There’s a lot going on in the heavens, but all you need to know is that many of the solid frameworks and beliefs that you’ve come to rely on this past year are about to be blown up, clean out of the sky. In a few short weeks, we’ll reach the end of this “1” Universal Year and everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) will change.

The energetic pulse of the entire Universe will shift as a new era emerges and if you’re still holding onto any habits, patterns or energies that are not serving your highest self, the transition could feel more chaotic, stressful and challenging than it needs to be.

But, thanks to this powerful cosmic configuration between now and the end of the year, you have a rare opportunity to shed your old skin, reconnect with the true you and prepare for incredible prosperity in 2018. Here are 5 things you must do immediately to make the most of this powerful period:


People, places, objects, projects, plans, ideas, or dreams may all start to want to EXIT your life. Notice what wants to go. Notice what starts to feel like it doesn’t belong. Notice contradictions as they rise in your awareness, and any beliefs and thoughts you’re holding that don’t align with your reality anymore. Give them thanks, and them them leave. If something is triggering you, either making you angry, irritated or upset then you may have inner work to do. Greet this is a sign, NOT to cling onto it, but to go within and discover the unhealed wound that is really causing this pain.


The dark, emptiness of The Void is a fertile ground. It’s the time of year when anything can exist in energetic, thought-form without having to take root. So allow yourself to dream! Be enveloped by the darkness over the next couple of months and open yourself up to any possible direction in life. A great way to do this, is to go over your current intentions or goals, close your eyes, and imagine the opposite coming true. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but it can be an incredibly powerful practice, to open up the channels of possibility in your mind.


This is really important. The rapid release and ascension that this period will bring is not something that you should be working hard to attain. It’s not a state of being that you’ll reach when you’ve studied for X number of hours, or read X number of books. It’s a natural flow and cycle of the Universe that, if forced, could work against you. Recognize anything that comes up for you during this time, accept it and surrender to the transformation or changes it ignites, within or around you.


It’s very likely that strong emotions will rise to the surface of the collective unconscious during this time. You may become a channel for emotions that aren’t yours (even though they feel like it!) Let them flow in and let them flow out of your body and mind, being careful NOT to anchor them into your being through blame and judgement. Believe in your calling, your feelings, your visions and defend them fiercely against those who want you to follow their path instead.


We can be unaware of the potency of the energetic codes streaming through our bodies during such a potent time. They’re opening and re-structuring us on levels we may not feel, or be ready to connect to yet. But it IS real, and it’s happening. So try to limit your exposure to too much external stimulation – TV, radio, advertising or other manipulative media –on the day (and before and after if you can) as all of these will really hinder the soul-level work that’s being done for you, and by you, at this pivotal time. Look for guidance and wisdom that feeds your soul.

Source – Numerologist


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