Nothing of me is original

Nothing of me is original

“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.”

— Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

16 thoughts on “Nothing of me is original”

  1. You know Cornelia, you’re the first person to ever call me ignorant. If you have a problem with my comment then skim over it, there’s no need for insults or name calling. Also I have an IQ of 126 which is well above average so I don’t think you can call me unintelligent.

    1. Don’t mind Cornelia. She is a very sad, disgruntled, person that seeks to find flaws in others and expose them in a nasty way. It because she is so vile. She quotes Terence. How funny…if you only knew how ironic it is. She has not one person in her life she has been honest with. In fact she just sits in her own waste most days and nights

  2. Your ego makes you think you are unique, you are not. The quote is explaining that in order to begin to understand yourself or others, you must understand the commonality and the capability of all of us to act in, and be effected and affected in similar fashion. If you don’t get that, it simply means your are not very intelligent. But, then again, based on a few of your comments that was no mystery. I was once capable of being as ignorant as you, but I decided to learn and grow, you can too. You apparently decided to be an ignorant objectionist, I could be that also since O am capable. I decided to be more intelligent. Maybe you can try that instead of FB

  3. What i mean is that I believe we will be who we are supposed to be whether we take path A B or C. We can be led down different paths but ultimately the destination (self) is the same. It’s the idea of fate, destiny, chance,serendipity and choice all rolled into one.

  4. If its all predestined why take the journey at all? Does the journey not add to or enrich the experience there by changing it? I don’t care for their wording in that they seem to remove some identity with the statement “Nothing about me it’s original…” but had everything about you been affected by your journey?

    1. Is it that you feel they are stripping away some of your identity with the “Nothing about me is original…” part? If so, I get that. That part of you is still there & has hopefully only improved with experience.

  5. Me too, but through foregiveness as I remember many isolated incidents of liking someone else’s response or characteristic more than my own I accidentally became many unwanted things. How far have I stranded from whom I really am?

    1. This is what you have become. In liking their responses more than your own you indicate a preference to be that & you therefore became that. There’s nothing wrong here. You are describing growth. It’s a good thing & I’m proud of you as a fellow human.

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