No one can control someones Loyalty

No one can control someones Loyalty

Life has taught me that you can’t control someone’s loyalty. No matter how good you are to them, doesn’t mean they’ll treat you the same. No matter how much they mean to you, doesn’t mean they’ll value you the same. Sometimes the people you love the most, turn out to be the people you can trust the least. —Trent Shelton

Not everyone has the same heart as you.

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  1. Yeah.. maybe im naive.. even I keep saying to myself tht not all the people have a heart like you. But at the end.. when they hurt me, I just let it be.. let the karma hit them in their face .

  2. Life is having all different days, Monday Tuesday Wednesday and each and every day has own value,same way WE come across to many people and each and every person has own thoughts,sometimes thoughts working hipper in mind and person follow thoughts not able to understand any thing and that particular moment situations change,don't consider such small things it's a part of human nature but after realizing some people change always FOR good and some never understand what they are doing,according to my opinion WE have to simply focus on our daily routine life,because Human beings is human beings never change but sometimes some chemical types of people always keeps you in tension,avoid such people and enjoy your life….

  3. Treat people as you wish to be treated- care & love them anyway, straight from the heart- BUT, Be smart enough to educate yourself,slow down ones roll to understand & learn difference of who is feeding ego vs soul. Who to trust fully, & those who Must be loved from afar~ but trust & love anyway, even after your heart has been shredded…… and when things change… and they will, because it is the only constant in our universe…. Learn to make peace with present & work hard to stay focused on the NOW. Be WISE enough, to be Grateful for that time we were given [good & bad] and of the greatest reward this hard & painful life can/will bring…. Lessons & Application & LOVE [SELF & OTHERS] it is the only source worthy of curing lingering struggle and overriding fear/hate/regrets… Our experiences are What Has Made ME/Me, & YOU/You. It is okay/normal to be scared, it takes great strenght to know/respond/overcome not giving up… it is worth every ounce of effort, keep growing YOURSELF!

  4. Ishq kya Shah Hai, Kisi Kaamil Se Puchha Chahiye,
    Kis tarah jata hai Dil, Bedil se Puchha Chahiye.

    Ask a 'realized soul' what love is, and
    ask one who has lost his heart, how the heart is lost.
    Amir Khusro <3
    (In a second ) 🙂

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