Never Kick Someone When They’re Down

Never Kick Someone When They're Down
Debra Pry

Never kick someone
when they're down,
Because Karma has a way
of turning things around.


Drishti Nagdeo


That will be done unto you,
what you do unto others.


Karthik Parthasarathy

As you sow, so shall you reap,
The Karmic connection in the world,
That from which no one can escape,
What you do to men weaker than thou,
The hand of God will return in kind.


Sherry Greene

While you are getting your kicks
(Or giving them, hon)
Remember Karma will return
And your turn will come



Drishti Nagdeo

You harm a person and mock at him,
For you, life is going to be dim.
You think it's fun, being abusive,
Not realising that Karma is pervasive.



Benjamin R. Fox

Instant karma’s
going to get you.


Felicia Holmes

What you give,
Always comes back to you.


Prastar Kumar

Sooner or later.
Karma will get you.


Happy Honey


You Get What You Give



Michael Chaconas 
Ye shall reap 
what you sow

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