My Political Views

My Political Views

My Political Views?

I’m basically against anything that kills people or destroys the planet we live on.

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9 thoughts on “My Political Views”

  1. You know breathing on a scientific level kills something. Walking kills something, speaking…kills something. Being a vegan kills living things, eating meat…kills living things.

    The deer destroy the land as they make their paths, humans do the same. Tigers kill the antelope….antelope kills the grass, the grass kills the microorganisms…

    1. Way to miss my message. I understand the point. I’ve had this debate many times. Against both sides. When I studied Buddhism I had this dilemma, paganism…same dilemma. Are there people in this world that need to die? Yes. Do we need to be so destructive to this world? No. A child molester should be sentenced to death, and the lithium mines are far more destructive to the biological diversity and ecology of this world than clean crude oil drilling.

      My point has and will always be this on these two points. Political people should serve not rule. My political stand point is live and let live. My thought on the destruction of this world is what we take from it, we should also give back 2 fold. Cut down 1 tree, plant 2.

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