My legs may be tired today, but my spirit will dance


Sulekha Pande


My legs may be tired today,
but my spirit will dance,
till eternity


Peggy Brady

In my memories
the young girl still lives
And dances.


Karthik Parthasarathy

Age – The number that defines us,
Atleast that’s what we think,
Maybe Yes, or maybe Not.
The miles in our legs,
The will in our heart,
The smile on our face,
The spark in our eyes,
Those that defines us.
Age? After all it is just a number.


Bill Lang

Grace and dignity are ageless.
The heart never stops wishing.
Mortality can’t contain the spirit.


Anindya J Ganguly

I am a Ballerina in my 60s frock
I groove, I dance, I waltz nonstop
Like a swan in a sea,
I am a doe, I am dove
Like the frangrance of a withering Summer
I linger as the 60s songs, all alone.
In the esse of a winter, I ain’t ever gone
Boxed in dwells of frailed autumns
I live along, like the 60s songs.


Debra Pry
As we grow in age, 
memories from the past 
are always in our heart.
Dancing with sweet serendipity
Of another time.
Noor Fatima
Never judge by appearance, 
it might be illusive;
For there is always 
a blooming bud in disguise
of a withered flower
Sherry Greene

The shadow of the youthful me
Is ever present
My body no longer dances
But my memories do


Andrea Morgan

Though our body grows old,
our spirit remains
forever young


Sam Moxon

You are only as young
as you feel

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