Mere Knowledge Is Not Enlightenment



Mere knowledge is not enlightenment.
The light of wisdom is acquired
when the mind begins to see
beyond what is shown to us.


Mary Angelica Amerkhan


Knowledge gives enlightenment to our minds.


Suman Ashte


The light is buried deep inside the lines and pages.


Sherry Greene


Within these pages
Lies the power
To light up your mind.


Shilpa Patel


Books are illumination in the darkness of ignorance 


Anindya J Ganguly


Even the parched pages 
of many lost thought
Illuminates my mind to tread 
on its own blazing plot.
To succeed in life, 
forget all the rules 
& all its accord
For life is always connected 
to wisdom via an umbilical cord.
Karen MacLeod


words and phrases
that command a
second look,
are so bright
they burn a hole in
the seat of your soul
and luminate
a bookmark place
where you will find
all the lost words,
are now burned
into your mind.


Andrea Morgan


And as my eyes beheld the words on the page,
it was as if my entire reality changed.
Like a light switched on,
revealing what I could not see,
I found I had awoken from a lifetime of sleep.


Ange Le


Behind every learning,
there will always be the knowledge
that will open up your mind
for something good and beautiful.


Sulekha Pande


The light of knowledge.


Jeanne Ellin


When words light up your darkness.



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