Memory Has NO Expiry Date


Memory That Has NO Expiry Date

Remember our very first swing chair ride on that chilling evening of January while waiting for the movie to start on time? Yes you do. I know you do. You were in your dark olive cardigan and I was in black. I was nervous and scare of not losing that happy moment. You rushed to the ticket booth, I waited fixing my eyes at you. We sat in the parallel row. My heart started to beat faster…  faster and more faster as the chairs started to move. Along with us all the riders started to scream with joy. As it started circling faster I could hear my heart beating louder, leaving me in to short breath. Then I looked at you. You too were looking at me. Both of our eyes were fixed at each other’s. That three minutes ride seemed like years. I couldn’t hear anything while looking at your eyes… eyes that were saying “Hold yourself tight… don’t worry you can breathe and this will be over”. Eyes that were saying me trust. That few seconds of our ride touched my soul and I felt like our soul came out our body and it was whirling in the air holding each other’s hand for the life time. What we experienced that day has turned into memory today and like your favorite movie quote I too believe that “If memories could be canned, would they also last have expiry dates? If so, I hope they last for centuries”

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