The Male Brain

The Male Brain Is 10% Bigger Than The Female's

The male brain is 10% bigger than the female’s but the female brain works more efficiently.

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  1. Just because women are better at multitasking doesn’t mean we’re more efficient. Men are better at a single task compared to women so technically the same could be said for men.

  2. Their brain is bigger cause their bodies too.We use it better at multiskilling and we use it with kindness not greed… Happy international women day by the way….

  3. Men have evolved to ignore female emotional outbursts. lol females need both sides for speech, males use only half. The other half is thinking procreation, quite simple for evolution. In a study of 20 men and 20 women, brain scans showed that men when listening mostly used the left sides of their brains, the region long associated with understanding language. Women in the study, however, used both sides.

    Other studies have suggested that women “can handle listening to two conversations at once,” said Dr. Joseph T. Lurito, an assistant radiology professor at Indiana University School of Medicine. “One of the reasons may be that they have more brain devoted to it.”

    Battle of the Sexes?

    Lurito’s findings, presented today at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting, don’t necessarily mean women are better listeners.

    It could be that “it’s harder for them,” Lurito suggested, since they apparently need to use more of their brains than men to do the same task.

    “I don’t want a battle of the sexes,” he said. “I just want people to realize that men and women” may process language differently.

    In the study, functional magnetic resonance imaging — or fMRI — was used to measure brain activity by producing multidimensional images of blood flow to various parts of the brain.

    Inside an MRI scanner, study participants wore headphones and listened to taped excerpts from John Grisham’s novel The Partner while researchers watched blood-flow images of their brains, displayed on a nearby video screen.

    Listening resulted in increased blood flow in the left temporal lobes of the men’s brains. In women, both temporal lobes showed activity.

    Women Might Overcome Stroke

    The findings tend to support previous suggestions that women’s brains are “either more bilaterally dominant” or more right-side dominant in doing certain tasks than men’s, said Dr. Edgar Kenton of the American Stroke Association, a neurologist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

    Though preliminary, the study could help doctors treating stroke victims better understand how men’s and women’s brains differ, Kenton said.

    It suggests that in a stroke affecting the brain’s left side, women might recover language ability more quickly than men, though that remains to be proven.

    1. I’m not getting into debate here over who was the first or who’s better than who. Equally men and women are needed here on earth. Like it or not though we aren’t the only beings in the universe.

    1. Melissa Gish Oh no they do, have a big nothing box. We do too, but we tend to fill ours with random junk that prevents us from using the nothing box for nothingness, we needa work on that. Females are so stressed because our nothing box is filled with randomness that we mostly don’t need to worry about as much as we tend to. o.O

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