Make Your Affirmations Work: Personal Affirmation

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It is in human nature to strive for the best. We always want to be faster, smarter, and stronger. However, it is difficult for us to simply go astray when we see more successful people. We start to lose motivation and lose heart. After much suffering and meditation, we still need to pull ourselves together to succeed in this world.

Affirmation comes to the rescue of many people. These are statements that are filled with certainty about what we are talking about. Such statements help many people cope with uncertainty and with their heads held high go towards their future.

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Make Your Affirmations Work: Personal Affirmation

However, affirmations are different. On the Internet, we see a huge number of subliminal videos and audios recorded by other people. Such records turn out to be excellent helpers on the path to success and help you love yourself. However, they may not work for other people. That is why, if you are seriously concerned about this issue, then you should create your audio or video.

Such statements serve to convey to our minds some idea that will help us pave our path in life. There are both positive and negative affirmations. In life, we hear a lot of negative statements about us. For example, you are not beautiful and no one will love you; you are weak and you will not achieve anything in this life. Unfortunately, we rarely hear anything good about ourselves. Often, such things are told to us by our parents, who, despite everything, will support us at any difficult moment.

In this regard, we must become our guarantors of success and confidence. We cannot constantly rely on other people to determine for us what we are capable of. That is why in this article we will talk about how to visualize those ideas and words that inspire and motivate us. We will show you how to write and come up with the most effective and efficient affirmations, as well as how to record subliminal audio and video using audio recording software and a free video editor.

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Make Your Affirmations Work: Personal Affirmation

How to write affirmations that will work for you?

#1 Making a list of negative qualities

Every person is flawed. We all have our pros and cons. However, many of us become very fixated on our negative sides, which prevent us from moving forward. That is why you should sit down and write down those qualities that, in your opinion, negatively characterize you. You can remember everything that other people have ever said to you at school, university or work.

“I’m lazy. I’m ugly. I’m weak. I’m impatient. I’m aggressive.”

Each person will be able to remember a dozen of such statements that made us begin to doubt ourselves.

At this stage, it is important to analyze every expression ever spoken. You must soberly assess whether this statement is true or it was said only to confuse you and has nothing to do with who you really are.

Combine all these statements into one group so that you can work with them further. It is important to find those qualities that will help you become better in the subsequent action.

#2 Search for strengths

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Make Your Affirmations Work: Personal Affirmation

The next step towards writing your personal affirmations cards is to write the positive attributes that you are proud of in yourself.

“I am responsible. I’m smart. I am loved. I am a good friend.”

Write down whatever comes to your mind. You must choose words that truly make you feel special. Such words can make us stronger spiritually.

Many people spend a lot of time on social networks. That is why you can use the benefits of social media to find positive words spoken to you. These can be phrases from your correspondence with friends or comments under photos.

#3 Say positive affirmations on a regular basis.

To improve and increase your self-esteem, you must speak, listen to, or review your positive affirmations on an ongoing basis. Only in this way will you be able to see how powerful they are.

Make daily reminders to remind you to take some time for yourself. You don’t have to set aside any special time. You can do this whenever it suits you. For example, when you put on makeup or when you wash your face in the morning, before going to work or university when a special important event awaits you ahead, where it is important to be confident. You can do this several times a day, or once every day. It is important that this activity becomes your ritual.

How to make subliminal audio or video?

Some people can say these statements aloud or silently every day and that will be enough. It is important for other people to hear this from the outside. That is why you can make audio or video recordings for yourself to help visualize your ideas.

That is why now we will show you how to make your own video or audio recording with affirmations.

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Make Your Affirmations Work: Personal Affirmation

First stage

To begin with, you should think about what helps you to perceive the information better. You may be the person who is better at absorbing information by ear. All you need is to listen to the audio recording, which will help you start a new day cheerfully and confidently.

Perhaps you are the person who is better at understanding what they see and hear. In this case, video recording with a vivid video sequence of images, motivating quotes, as well as your statements, which you will voice, will help you.

Second stage

Compose a text that will make you believe in yourself and your strength. You have already worked to find your negative and positive qualities. Now you need to write a text that will motivate you. It is important to write such subliminal messages in the first person in the present tense. You must emphasize the sides that make you a better person. They should reach your subconscious and be postponed for a long time.

Third stage

To improve your perception, you should look for music that inspires you or pictures and illustrations that propel you to strive. You can make preparations for your audio or video recording. Open your iTunes and look for music or songs that make you feel empowered and confident. Moreover, you can use calm music that will not distract you from your affirmations. You can find royalty-free music that will create a nice background for your audio or video.

Those looking to create a video can find photos, images, or illustrations that will motivate you. You can use your photos, Google photos, or stock images. You can insert these images into your video.

Fourth stage

Make Your Affirmations Work: Personal Affirmation

It’s time to record your audio or make a video. You can use free software to record your speech. Those who want to make a video can do a voice-over for the video in the video editor for Mac.

What’s more, you can do whatever it takes with this video editor to create a unique video sequence that will help you become better. You can add music, personal videos, insert images, and edit videos using an intuitive interface.

Fifth stage

After you take audio or make a video, save it to your phone or computer to open it whenever you need it. Remember that you are doing this for yourself and you do not need to compete with other people.


Every person is faced with moments in life when we feel vulnerable and weak. This is why it is important to help yourself. Make subliminal audio or video where you state your positive qualities that will program your brain for success.


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