Love Learned

Was I

Was I led to you to find you

Or did you in fact find me

Perhaps one leads into another

Both are true quite possibly

Was I unpurposed in intention

Were you threatened or in harm

Perhaps we overanalyze

Uncertain of unfamiliar calm

Was I dishonest, did I bluff

You called me out as I called you

Are we so blind and unaware

Because love true we never knew.

Facepoet by Michael Hodder

Love Learned

From the beginning of creation, whether man or his/her environment, there has been much to be debated about what we know. Are our perceived wisdom getting in the way of our lesson? Do we condition ourselves or allow ourselves to be conditioned, ultimately keeping us from our freedoms? Who is right and who is wrong… and who really cares?

I have chosen love as the first currency to write about because love is the glue. Call it what you like, The Force (for you Star Wars fans), God or any other religion, it is a conscious belief. You and only your free will gets to decide in that of which you believe. Your thoughts and what you tell yourself create who you are. You are not your body but it helps to maintain the vessel of which you travel in, wouldn’t you agree?

Our life is a journey of our conscience, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction (Albert Einstein). In this physical realm we can be forgiven for the pursuit of Earthly human rewards as dictated to by “Laws of Man” rather than realizing we have already been forgiven and promised abundance by aligning our free wills with “Laws of God, Nature, the Universe” or again which ever name you prefer to label the divine existence of Love.

This secret is not hidden. In fact, your intuition, once trusted will guide you but you must grow and evolve into it as you learn to process each insight that you collect. It’s a bit like learning to walk. No, it’s exactly like learning to walk. On your endeavors to discover true unconditional love you are destined to collect a few bumps and bruises along the way. You will struggle, you will race, you will fall, laugh and cry. So many things will try to guide you and to know them is to be. Know them fully.

You are already a winner and a survivor, your mission is yours to be happy. That means finding your perfect self and not someone who completes you but competes and grows beside you. Love is the journey and not a destination. Heaven already exists in waiting. Your lesson here today is to learn, yearn and concern yourself of you without causing harm to others. As we grow individually we grow collectively. We rise by lifting ourselves and others. The growth of our proceedings hasn’t leapt while others wept, this also includes you.

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