Living life the Wrong Way

Living life the Wrong Way

I’ve spent a few days writing this and putting in the right words but what your about to read is my message to the world.

We are all here as a vibrant energy. We came here because life is supposed to be joyful, great, exciting and full of love! There are so many wrong views on life that has developed in time. If everyone could just stop for one day listening to the news, worrying about money, talking about their past, working without loving their job, being rude to one another, stressing over nothing, complaining, gossiping, being negative and letting time pass by us everyday, rather than showing the love we brought with us as we entered this world, it will flow right through us again.

We are so caught up in living life wrong that nobody is happy, nobody is doing what they love because of the fear they live by. Let go of your old morals and become a child of the universe. Live the way we are supposed to. Don’t let the government and people who ‘believe’ they have power over us control the way we are supposed to live life! Because the system was set up to fail so Fill your soul, love your body, and love yourself. Explore nature and live by life’s great gifts that was already here. Your happiness will expand and the way you view and love life will completely change. Do what you actually want to do!! Go live life right and love it!! F.T.S.

– Aliciaa Connick

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