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It’s A Lonely Night

Its A Lonely Night creepiest

It’s a lonely night
One of the creepiest, I doubt.
The darkest of all,
The stars hide behind the clouds.
The jackals mown.
The crickets creak
The windows squeak
The winds loudly howl.
Am I dreaming?
Or is nature in its worst scowl? 

The weariness just seems to grow.
The dread overpowering, steady and slow.
The trees rattle
As if beckoning the supernatural to flow…
It’s a scary night
With no speak of glow… 

And suddenly, the spookiness comes to a halt.
But this shouting silence, makes my heart fall.
Is that child’s crying coming closer to my ears?
I can hear zombies whispering, increasing my fears. 

I bundle myself up and clasp my ears
Shut my eyes and hide in my gear.
Fear overpowers me and soon I doze off.
Waking up to the bright sunny morning, all cleared off.
Sitting up, I thought of last night.
And then I caught hold of, a book lying beside.
Picking it up, I give my nails a bite
Spookily titled “it’s a lonely night” 

– Jasleen Kaur Bassi 

Jasleen Kaur

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