Inside I Was Screaming

Inside I Was Screaming
Kayley Easterbrook

Inside I was screaming!


Rinku Shah

Echoes of the heart
will tear you apart.


Karl Edwards

The cries of a
broken heart.


Sarrvesh Waran

The many faces of me.
They are all me.
Some are blue,
And some, even I don't have a clue.
But, despite their miscellaneous hue,
They are all true...


Rajeev K Singh

Every frame of our heart
has different picture.
Some are screaming,
some yelling, some singing,
some shouting
But all these voices
create melodious music
which motivates us to
move ahead in life.


Ceona Chambers

So many sides of me
screaming to be heard,
I keep them locked in my chest,
and show a smile instead of
uttering a single word


Sulekha Pande

The roles that I play,
are all my faces of clay,
they all hide different types of pain,
they scream and scream till I fall apart,
in the deepest recesses of my heart.


Martin Xayachack

Millions of voices can scream
at the top of their lungs,
but your inner voice should still be
the only one that you hear the most.


Barbara Bauer

The many faces and voices of anxiety.

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