Ignorance, when ignited by fear, fuels hate.

A-Ash Den


when ignited by fear,
fuels hate.


Barbara Bauer


A recipe for disaster.


Belinda Stott


The heat of ignorance produces hate.




Anindya J Ganguly


The Bunsen burner triggers the fear
Confined with nascent nescience
To spread through the funnel of iniquity
Hate, Nuisance & Infamy.





When ignorance at large,
Is backed up by fear,
We get hate,
But we throw the blame at fate.
Let’s feed our ignorance 
before it’s too late.
For knowledge and wisdom, 
let’s open the gate 
Jamie Clifford

Fear is the fire that distills ignorance into hate.


Jerry Kontos

Ignorance distilled by fear
will get you hate.
Adding a little knowledge
will fix that.

Aderinboye Micheal Olawale


Negativity births fear
Igniting the fire of ignorance; 
a recipe of hate.
Feed your fire positively
Face your fears!

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