If opportunity controls your loyalty

If opportunity controls your loyalty

Loyalty will unite people. It’s what friends, marriages, sports fans, communities and even countries rely on to be great.

According to wikipedia loyalty it’s said to be “faithfulness, devotion to a person, country, group or cause” but what’s faithful? To have complete trust or confidence in someone or something” So loyalty is about having complete trust in someone/cause you believe in, not because they have proved they are reliable but because you trust that they will be and if trust equals loyalty, then what’s trust? “A firm belief/ reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, of a person or thing.

So ultimately, loyalty is the reliance on integrity, strength and the confident expectation (with hope) to someone or better yet on Boston.com defined it as the “willingness to make an investment or personal sacrifice to strengthen a relationship. – Fred Reichheld” What is loyalty to you ?

22 thoughts on “If opportunity controls your loyalty”

  1. I'm always loyal and grateful. Remember that.. I stand besides the person I respect.. and I always care.. I don't turn my back for no reason.

  2. Loyalty is faithfulness! Love this word! Will u serve God if no opportunity present its self, or that sickness dont go away, or your lights gey turn off! And they come tale your car?? Will u still be loyal to God then??? Whole thing is what source r u loyal too! Men will fail opportunities will change! Or ceased in a dry place! If u r loyal to God u will never fail! He is the source! Loyalty is either your character or not! And it is shows for men to see loyalty! Loyalty as be in God towards god cuz everything is temporary on earth and flesh! Like being loyalty to your children no matter what u will be there for them always no matter what they do or dont do, just like Jesus is loyal to his children!

  3. Loyalty is there and tested through hard times! Loyalty to God will be proven in its self ,you wont have to go around speaking it! Through bad things and u still say yes to God inspite circumstances! Loyalty never base on opportunities of man ! Loyalty is from God! Another word for loyalty is long suffering! Loyalty is a state of mind not a action! Besides standing like with Ruth her loyalty to her mother in law! She was not going to leave her mother in law! And her going out to work is different virtue! Loyalty is a state of mind!

  4. It's a such a beautiful sentence to read or write but practical it's not advisable ,now a days senior change if it's a question of life and death? what person will do? if it's a last opportunity to make entirely life achievement what person will think? I don't think anyone would stick to loyalty? it's a human life and daily comes with new features….Very few on planet are alive who still believe in this statement.

  5. So True <3 🙂
    It slowly comes to us that when we go through pain, we get to know so many beautiful things about ourselves and similar respect is formed for others. With this we get the realization of our highest connection. Just like gold which shines more after heating. <3

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