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i wish you move on but most importantly

I wish you move on but most importantly I wish you understand the true meaning of moving on. Moving on is not venturing into new relationships. Moving on is surviving it without distractions. Moving on is processing the pain yet having the guts to face it alone. Moving on is being able to carry the ache yet hindering it from influencing your decisions. Moving on is accepting and releasing. Moving on is forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Moving on is loving yourself enough to stop self-destructive behavior. Moving on is finding security in the memories yet hope in the future. Moving on is appreciating the doors you walked into even if they led to incomprehensible pain. Moving on is waking up knowing that you’re strong enough to make it through the day. Moving on is finding peace in your solitude. Moving on is letting go of the anger and the bitterness. Moving on is denial free. Moving is facing the facts. Moving on is untangling the tangled. Moving on is looking in the mirror and saying the truth out loud. Moving on is uncovering the lies even the ones you tell yourself. Moving on is crystal clear. Moving on doesn’t bargain. Moving on is bravery.
So be brave
– AArslan Arslan