I May Not Be Able To Take Away The Pain

Felicia Holmes

I may not be able
to take away the pain,
But I will hold you
so you never feel alone again.

Rinku Shah

A hug so tight,
Feels so right.
It’s wondrous what a hug can do,
Cheer you when you’re blue.
Heal you when you feel broken,
Hugs are for all like a love token.
A hug delights, warms, and charms
It must be why God gave us arms!

Jaimie Mazzone

Go ahead and break in two,
crumble if you have to,
I GOT you, dear soul.
I will put your back together
in a way you can not even imagine.
For the power is in you
if you accept this to be true.

Madhura Bhide

Hug Me
The scars you can’t see
Bind that bruised in me
Enlighten what’s dark in me
Strengthen what’s weak in me
Mend what’s broken in me
Heal what’s sick in me
Revive whatever peace and love
died in Me.

Lavanya Raghuraman

Torn apart like never before,
I took my baby steps
to bring myself to the fore
Unknowingly and Uninvited,
You came to my rescue
Did I want another heartbreak? No.
But your hug
made me forget my ache.

Karthik Parthasarathy

When torn into two,
Never had to wonder,
what to do,
You were always there.
Holding me together,
till the wound healed,
A constant presence forever,
In times of my need.

Nancy Shurkoff

You are broken.
You are hurt.
Let my hug do its work.
Allow my love to heal your pain,
all the while knowing,
it’s never in vain.
A loving hug can fix most anything.

Christina Armstrong-Phillips

Everyone becomes broken
at one time or other
on this Journey, we call Life,
the important thing is that
there is always someone
to help hold you through it

Ana Peng

To have someone
let you break down and fall apart,
and get you back on your feet
without questions nor expectations
is a rare gift.

Sulekha Pande

I’ll be there,
my love don’t fear,
so what the things are bad,
I’ll hold you tight,
together we’ll fight,
and make things
better again.

Pepper R. Langley

One day someone is going to
hug you so tight
that all of your broken pieces
will stick together

Debra L Laing

When the fault-line
in my soul cracks open,
your loving embrace
holds me together.

Debra Pry

we will put back together,
all your broken parts.

NaNuk Harmoni

Love holds you together
when you’re broken.

Ramya Raghuraman

Wounds vanish
when love embraces you.

Maggie Kappas

Break me in two
then hold me as if
it wasn’t you!

Laetitia Ball

Hold me together
when I can’t anymore

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