I Love Artists

I love artists

I love falling in love with the creativeness that adorns you.

I love the light you get in your eyes when you do and complete something that excites every cell in your body.

I love the imagination that you have, the imagination that you so beautifully turn into a rhythm that gets feet tapping, lyrics that is stuck in the fabrics of the heart, and words that speak to your soul.

I love the excitement in your voice, the delight you have when you showcase and express the originality that fills your heart, your mind, your body and your eyes.


I love how you fill an empty canvas and make it full, full with feelings, full with energy, full with an expression that only you can do.

I love how you make a process come to life, how the thought turned into an idea, how the idea so magically appears like a magician waving his wand.

I love how you inspire me, to follow my passion, how your energy just flows from you to me, your creativity is contagious.


I love the way you think, the way you make me look at things in a different style, looking at things through your perspective.

I love the way the you make me feel when I feel your energy around me, I love how you make me tap into my emotional side and experience things in a whole different way.

I love the way it comes naturally to you, it is an extension of yourself, and it comes across so effortlessly, so fluently, so easily.


I love how you motivate me, to be passionate about my passion, to live through my talent, to exhale the ability within, to crave the thrill it forms inside.


I fall in love with the artists, I fall in love with their talent, and I fall in love with their passion being the driving force behind everything. I love the fact that they don’t give up on what excites them, I love that they love what they do, I love that they are inspirational, I love that they are true to their art, true to their talent, true to what makes them happy . I fall in love with their beautiful minds, with their open hearts, with their love for life and new experiences and findings. I love how they are comfortably themselves, how they are happily themselves, how they visualize concepts and make it into reality. I love how they find inspiration in any and everything, I love how they become living art, how they make you feel something, how they provoke emotion, comment and reaction.


I am an artist and I love artists. I love what artists stand for, what they are passionate about, what they love, what they create, what they dream about, what they make me feel. I love their crazy minds, I love their flair, their fashion, and I just love how they can be perfectly themselves and be happy about it. I am an artist and I am in love with artists.

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3 thoughts on “I Love Artists”

  1. Artists, Fine as well as Performing, generate excitement and stimulate one’s mind, heart, & soul. This inspires us, of course and affirms us but ultimately when a person feels the deep personal regard for another human being which refer to as love, there is a sense of mutual understanding, experience, & values which may or may not have to do with profession or vocation of the individuals.

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