I am rarely bored alone

I am rarely bored alone

I am rarely bored alone. I am often bored in groups and crowds.

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  1. Absolutely. Even when in a crowd I'm comfortable being alone, however. As long as I'm good with myself, the company of others is a side benefit but not a requirement or necessity. If you're your own best friend, you're always in the best of company.

  2. When no one talks to you, you may as well not even be there. That's why I don't like going to gatherings. No one talks to me unless I talk to them first and I'm tired of having to appear so upbeat and happy and wracking my brain trying to think of something to talk to them about if I don't want to sit there alone and ignored.

  3. I can relate!!! Beautiful n calm when alone. Expectancy from d wrong people leads to disappointment so i try to give to myself things I need- love attention and respect.!

    1. When Lady Gaga was still Stephanie Germanotta she wrote this song, "Wish You Were Here". In it, she says: "Yeah, this room is crowded, but I'm so alone in it; help me please."

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