I Am Here Counting The Days

Sarrvesh Waran

I am here counting the days.
Waiting for you to come back.
My heart is open for you.
And it always will be.

Sulekha Pande

Hopelessly in love,
with the idea of love,
running after a fantasy,
realizing it’s a delusional mirage,
counting and miscounting,
I decided to look beyond love.

Rinku Shah

Striking off each day,
Of being away.
When love calls,
The heart wishes to tear down walls.
Hours of separation
Will strengthen our love equation!

Karthik Parthasarathy

Looking out for the right love,
Haven’t found one yet,
Never knew the happiness it would give,
Or the satisfaction I would get.
Still waiting, with hope,
I know I will find it one day,
Till then I will have to cope,
An explorer who hasn’t found his way.

Debra Pry

My mind is imprisoned
and trying to escape my thoughts.
But deep in my soul,
I know love will find a way.

M Jeyaram

Love doesn’t confine,
It rather makes you fine,
Even a cage turns you a sage.
Love cures; it is not obscure,
Fall in love; get out of ills.
When everything fails you,
Love alone will hail you.

Swati Chauhan

Striking down one by one,
Serendipities that were undone,
Still looking out for the chance,
To find perfect love and romance.
Without toiling the chances are bleak,
Love comes to those
who go out and seek

Rinku Shah

This isolation is a punishment,
But to my astonishment
My love for you,
Feels anew!

Barbara Bauer

In prison of my own doing
counting the days
until I see you again.

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