Human Mind N Emotion

Human Mind N Emotion

Emotion, what makes us human in a sense. Throughout time, our mind has developed in various ways. Every new generation depicts an evolution of the human mind from our previous ancestor; knowledge, way of living and so on. Along with the evolution of the human mind, our emotion has also evolved greatly. The way we interpret things now emotionally is different from the time our great grandfathers did.

We all tend to believe that the decision which doesn’t involve emotions extensively can be a good one. For some people, emotions can just be a tool for expression or the way we non-verbally communicate with each other but for others those emotion means something. Whether it is just a tool or has a meaning in it, our mind takes has some sort of connection with one or another emotion.

As a small child, we didn’t know any emotion and what it is interpreted as in this world. Crying for a small kind meant whether he is hungry or wants change of clothes. As we grow older we slowly started to learn how certain emotion has its own meaning. Just like a spider web that are connected with each other, our mind’s neurons are also connected with emotion in one way or another. For example, someone you know has been murdered. You want to get revenge on that person for killing someone you cared. When you finally find that person; a person without emotional experience would turn him in to the police, thinking rationally that you shouldn’t kill that person but a person with emotional experience would take a gun/knife/any means of weapon to kill or serious harm that person – which also depends upon how strong these emotions are linked together with that particular person. If those emotions aren’t strong enough, he/she could care less about the death of that person.

Although there are different parts of the brain that fires up according to what you want, decision making depends upon logical part and emotional part. Those who we consider as psychopath tend to not have much emotional experience in their life. It usually happens when the person is in their earlier age 3-5 as that is the time when people are still on the development stage of various memories and building new neurons.

If he/she has bad parents/abusive parents/ traumatic events/any damage in the brain might not develop well on emotion side. So, as they grow, they tend to rely on books on how certain things work or they might entirely rule out emotion as a whole. In any of those cases, they will develop high intellectual mind with lots of facts and information. People who had bad experience as a child can cause them to search for something they wish to do and engage entirely, causing them to have high intellectual on particular subject.

Emotion for them is just a useless thing that human tends to show to each other. What I realized as I was observing was that emotion takes a huge space and are also connected with every experience we tend to gather from this world on daily basis. I wondered what if that particular person has ruled out emotion from child, those space and neuron made by emotion could have been replaced by other information and facts. Those might be the reason, why psychopaths tend to so charismatic. Due to the fact that they actually don’t feel what they mean, they are just doing it basing on facts. Whereas, we tend to express as experience speaks. Although you might argue that experience is a part of emotion itself but what I have known is that experience is somewhat dependent on the early days of a child. What I mean is, if the child ruled out emotions in his early days, experience for him would just be numbers or probability of how much it is success and how much it is failure.

However, for someone who has developed emotions from childhood, experience acts like emotion meaning for that child those experiences would be like a part of growing. What if he ruled out emotion when he is grown up? Depending upon his condition it might defer. For those who has traumatic experience and he ruled out emotion, he still did develop those emotions for many years hence if certain things are triggered he can still have emotions.

 If his condition is mental illness then depending on how bad it is, it might change his personality. Every decision we make in our mind goes through experience and emotion to assess and determine certain situation. It can also be the reason why those who are less emotional people, they don’t get the idea why saying truth on certain things can hurt others or why someone old like grandparent’s death can affect them so much.


For them it is just a piece of chemical reaction that occur or in logical perspective, “he died because he is old and all of us has to die one day; why do these people feel surprises and sad about it”. Believing it or not, I leave that part to you guys. Yet it won’t change the fact that our decisions are greatly controlled by emotion. Those who aren’t controlled by emotion tend to usually take the correct decision given the situation as in financial and life supporting factors but tends to be poor with personal life and others. Even if they are good with people, it is because they are just going by the book or what they think is the correct way of doing to make certain social interaction, as they don’t feel what they express.

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