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How to Write a Poem about Relationships

How to Write a Poem about Relationships

Nowadays it is vital to build strong and healthy relationships with relatives, friends and soul mates. People try to express their feelings in different ways buying expensive gifts, arranging romantic quests or extravagant dates. Among all of these actions, there is one more way to show someone your feelings, which never gets old and it is – making a love poem. Poem relationship has always been popular in intellectual circles, and since the XX century, it became well spread among every sector of society. Hallmark cards or internet posts – all of them contain relation poems that are designed to conquer the hearts of those whom they are given to. You can often ask yourself a question: “How to write a poem about someone you love?”. And we can tell that there is nothing complicated in that. Here you can find some tips on how to prepare a unique present on your own, which will touch the depth of the soul of your beloved one.

Do not be worried about the rhyme

Very often young people state that they cannot write something good as they cannot feel the rhyme. You do not need to be a rapper or a poet to compose four lines that will sound good. Of course, the style “Roses are red. Violets are blue…” does not show that you have put much thought into it. However, there are plenty of examples of how you can experiment with poetry. You can take some well-known old poem and rearrange it in your own way. Do not be afraid of stealing someone`s style or kind of rhyme – in the end, if it sounds good then your partner will appreciate the effort. If you fear that your friends will not recognize the poem to be written by you, you can always use free plagiarism checker or another free online tool to demonstrate them who is right and who is wrong. If you think that using someone`s style is very bad for you – then just choose an exquisite poem you like and send it to a person, saying that it reminds you of him/her.

Remember, that there is always an option to write a white poem which does not have a rhyme at all and still it will look natural. Beautiful examples of such poems can be found in the collection of Walt Whitman`s poetry.

Think of small details

If you look at any poem – you will find that each author tries to catch small details about a person he/she is writing about. Before composing the lines think of the main idea of your creation. What do you really want to say? Then descend to the small peculiarities about the beloved one. It can be something about the appearance of this person or traits of character, or something that you have remembered about him/her. You can compare beloved one to famous people, characters of books or even powers of nature. This will give your poem a unique shadow that will make it outstanding. If you put such masterpiece in free online plagiarism checker with a percentage – the score will be 100% uniqueness. Plagiarism checker tool may also help you make it more original if it finds too common phrases in the poem. Nevertheless, be sure that not every plagiarism checker will be able to find out those feelings, which you hide inside and the way you express them.

Do not make it look ridiculous

The poem is a very tangible thing to write. Avoid absurd comparisons or too intimate things to share between the lines. Don’t try to seem too smart and posh in wording. There is no need to use old phrases that could be popular centuries ago and which may be not understandable nowadays. This is why using simple language with beautiful phrases can lift your art to the new levels. In the end, your spouse should understand what you are trying to say. This encoded message is like a present wrapped in shiny Christmas paper – the words cover the main idea of the author. Be sure that you have checked grammar, as nobody likes typos or incorrect sentences in poems. They may just destroy all of your efforts. Deliver it like an artist, who delivers a painting.

In the end – do not overthink the power of the word. Poems are very popular among people who are in love. Nevertheless, too many smart phrases may turn light and pleasant lines into the author’s philosophical essay. You should not concentrate only on your feelings – concentrate on the object of passion. Show how much you appreciate this feeling. Do not make it too long or too short. A short average poem is enough to show how much you love a person. There are many good examples of decent poetry online – just search for them when you have free time.