How To Tell If A Zodiac Likes You

How To Tell If A Zodiac Likes You

How To Tell If A Zodiac Likes You  

Aries: They will tell you again, and again in every way possible and pay you attention, they will become more attentive and thoughtful  

Taurus: They will give you little gifts and show their generous/sharing nature; they will like to take you out on traditional romantic dates  

Gemini: They will listen to you, and let you talk, they will tell will try to become your friend first and be nervous/giggle a lot, more personalities/personality facets can come out  

Cancer: They will always enquire as to how you feel, they may withdraw and become shy and introverted for their own protection, they will share their feelings with you and be unpredictable  

Leo: They will talk about you, to their friends, family…anybody. They will be proud of you and show you off  

Virgo: They make sure your life is working, organise your accounting details, re-arrange their schedule so there is enough time for you, they may not be affectionate but they are warm and will watch you  

Libra: They always like to be around you, introduce you quickly to their close friends and family, will ask your advice in opinions and decision making  

Scorpio: They’re there. They’re asking you questions, wondering about your friends, watching your life, making suggestions, helping you do research, researching you and they’re talking about what kind of relationship works and why.  

Sagittarius: They try to make you laugh, and bring you alongside with them in life, they will compromise their own freedom for you, they are overt and open in their affections  

Capricorn: They laugh around you, they will open up secretive and hidden parts of themselves and share surprising stories about themselves  

Aquarius: They are around you but unwilling to share their feelings they will involve you in their plans for the future one day, but the next day you aren’t a part of it, they will make friends with you first  

Pisces: They will have a “look” in their deep set, watery eyes, they will tell you about the dreams they have, they keep up communication, they may become more shy and anxious around you (initially)


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