How to Royally Piss Off The Zodiac Signs

How to Royally Piss Off The Zodiac Signs

How To Royally Piss Them Off:

Aries: Telling them to calm down, making them feel insignificant, underestimating them or trying to control them.

Taurus: Nagging them, saying something and then not following through, expecting them to rearrange their schedule for yours or stealing their food.

Gemini: Ignoring them, not caring about what they have to say, lacking interest when they are discussing something, being ignorant and distancing yourself from them.

Cancer: Being insensitive, giving them the silent treatment, rejecting their love, threatening them, criticizing them, leaving them unsure about where they stand.

Leo: Lying to them, taking them for granted, talking behind their back, embarrassing them, undermining their authority and not appreciating them.

Virgo: Touching or moving their things, interrupting them, being stuck up, making them feel unappreciated and looking through their things without asking.

Libra: Pressuring them to make a decision, being disrespectful, generalizing or stereotyping anything, being unfair, making them feel inadequate or not giving them space.

Scorpio: Making them feel like a second option, giving them reasons to not trust you, dismissing their ideas, calling them out on their shit, getting in their face.

Sagittarius: Pushing them around, fucking up the second chance they gave you, exploiting them, invading their privacy or being a hypocrite.

Capricorn: Making them feel unwanted, Making them feel like their feelings are irrelevant, insulting their character and not respecting their schedule.

Aquarius: Bringing unnecessary confrontation, not letting them do things their way, not giving them room to breathe, trying to change them or telling them their beliefs are silly.

Pisces: Making them feel like their emotions and feelings are unimportant, making them feel alone, being fake and telling them to grow up.”


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