How to Know If The Zodiacs Trust You

How to Know If The Zodiacs Trust You

How To Know If The Zodiac Signs Trust You  

Aries: If they ever show you any kind of weakness (crying, defeat)

 Taurus: If they give you their Netflix password  

Gemini: If they have a serious conversation without cracking jokes  

Cancer: If they show you their stronger side (past the emotional mess)  

Leo: If they tell you their insecurities  

Virgo: If they let loose with you  

Libra: If they’re truly genuine with what they say  

Scorpio: If they cry in front of you  

Sagittarius: If they let you past their optimistic side  

Capricorn: If they show you their sweet, bubbly side  

Aquarius: If they show you their deep, complicated, emotional side  

Pisces: If they share with you something bad from their past


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