How To Keep Your Individuality After Your Engagement

Keep Individuality After Engagement

When you get engaged, it’s bound to be a time filled with a flurry of emotions. Of course, you are probably excited about your future and floating on a cloud of love, but you may also have some concerns about what married life will mean to your independence. These feelings are as normal as the blushing of excitement that every bride-to-be faces. 

When you are in any long-term relationship, it’s natural to start feeling like you are more of a “we” than the “me” you used to be. As two people come together, there is an unavoidable melding of families, friendship circles, and future ambitions.

Although a healthy relationship should be rooted in partnership, once the ring you chose from Love & Promise Jewelers is on your finger, it’s still essential to maintain your individuality inside your union. A strong sense of self will help you bring maturity and conscious caring into your marriage.

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to keep your individuality after your engagement.

1. Maintain Your Friendships

As you move deeper into your relationship, it’s not uncommon for your friendship circles to start to meld. Although this is a natural process, it’s essential to take time to spend independently with your original circle of friends. These relationships are what will ground you and keep you coming back to yourself. It’s never okay to prioritize your partner over your friendships. An equal balance of social activities with your friends, your partner’s circle, and your dedication to “we” time can help you feel like you are maintaining your independence.

2. Self Care

Once you get engaged your life is going to become much busier. From planning the wedding to thinking about the future and your family goals. Self-care is an important part of keeping yourself grounded. When you feel like you are being overwhelmed by outside obligations, take some time away from your partner or your couple obligations to focus on you. It can be as simple as taking a walk alone on your favorite trail or as indulgent as locking the bathroom door and soaking your worries away in a hot tub. The essential thing is that you put time aside to come back to yourself with conscious mindfulness.

3. Family Time

When you get married, you are taking on a whole new family. Although you will want to spend time developing and nurturing these new relationships, it’s not a good idea to set your time with your own family aside. Your family is a source of grounding, reminding you who you are and where you come from. If you find that you feel yourself slipping away into the fold of your new family too much, schedule some quality family time of your own without your partner. 

4. Self Check-In

It’s not uncommon to put the needs of your fiancee first. There isn’t a problem with that, unless you start to feel like you have lost something of yourself. It’s important to take time to self-evaluate and reflect on your needs. Ask yourself how you are doing and focus on your own needs. This is not something that is selfish, rather an essential part of creating boundaries that will push you forward into a healthier relationship.

Getting married and committing yourself to a life shared with another is a huge step. To avoid getting lost in being a couple and feeling less like an individual, try following these tips to build a strong relationship that will last into the future. 

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