How to get help from your parents if you have problems at the University

How to get help from your parents if you have problems at the University

When you have problems in your University, this is how your parents can help

Generally, as students, we have a responsibility to succeed through every school phase we find ourselves. We put in our best efforts (most times, at least) to have high grades that would boost our average ratings. However, sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we want them too. On the other hand, we undermine the difficulty level of a core subject, and end up performing below average, or at worst – fail the subject.

But our responsibility to succeed isn’t only on ourselves – our parents are also waiting for gestures of appreciation that help them feel like they’re not wasting resources on us. This is especially true if they provide everything within their powers in exchange for us to study well and stay focused. Breaking the news of one’s failure in school to one’s parents can be quite scary in this aspect. Many students still haven’t figured out how to deal with parents when it comes to issues like money requests, expressing dissatisfaction, and making them aware that they have bad grades.

In this article, we would try to look at the various situations that are likely to make it tough for a student to master courage and tell the parents about the failures.

Identifying the struggle

There is a key difference when trying to break the unsavory news to your friends, and when you have to own up your goofy attitude that led to a failed college course, to your parents. There are a number of situations where being the bearer of bad news can be scary:

  • In situations where you knowingly mismanaged time, even after you had been warned repeatedly to dedicate more time to your studies to avoid unpleasant grades;
  • When you have been displaying the ‘entitled’ attitude for too long, not remembering that tables could turn at any moment in time;
  • When you squandered your funds on relaxation activities, instead of buying the key textbooks that could have saved you from bad results;
  • Generally, your relationship with your parents has been on the rocks lately, and the thought of what they might say when they hear of your semester results makes you cringe;
  • Or, your relationship with your parents is fine, but they are extremely strict and disciplinarian by nature.

A billion scenarios could have led up to bad results. Sometimes, it isn’t even your fault, either the teacher set extremely high standards that would have made you pass had they been ‘reasonable’. Alternatively, you had some unforeseen drawbacks that robbed you of quality time that would have aided you to study. That is not a tragedy to fail at some subjects but you should know how to communicate with your parents to deliver them the news.

Gathering yourself for the challenge

To be quite frank, there’s no special trick that guides anyone in how to tell your parents something bad specially when it relates to schoolwork. It’s firstly an embarrassing thing to you as a person, especially when you know you virtually had no excuse not to secure that A or B+ grade. Nevertheless, there are some things you would need to settle within yourself before facing your parents.

  • Accepting responsibility for the unpleasant result. This might not necessarily apply if the circumstances surrounding your fail are beyond your control. Many students still don’t know how to accept the responsibility for their own failures, due to the stigma attached to failure in general. Truth is, there is absolutely nothing wrong in failing even once, and then ensuring it doesn’t reoccur. Failures are part of the events we would encounter in life. It’s significant to understand this.
  • Accepting that you can do better.A pity party won’t do you any good at this stage. There is no use crying over spilled beans, this is a chance for you to do better next semester. Always be reminded that a poor grade is one more chance to get better and improve on yourself. It also proves to you what works and what doesn’t. Probably you need to balance the frequency of considering custom essays for sale with actually trying to do your own work.

Having set yourself mentally, now let’s consider the task at hand.

Coming clean

You will get to discover that “I failed a college class” is one of the sentences no parent wants to hear from their kids. Therefore, when trying to go about disclosing this to your parents, remember to do the following:

1. Admit your responsibility

One way of convincing your parents that you realize the gravity of the occurrence is openly admitting you didn’t do all you could to make sure you didn’t fail. Blaming anything or anyone else would only fan whatever flames of anger that already exist in their minds. There are actually times when you truly did all you could, but sometimes parents don’t always think in that direction. Therefore, claiming it wasn’t your fault might not work with all folks, but owning up your fail is a safe ground for all.

2. Face-to-face

There’s so much that expressions can convey that a simple phone call won’t be able to do. It’s better to let them know when you are home with them rather than calling them over the phone. Although most times people prefer to break the unsavory news over the phone, we would recommend you do this one sitting at a ‘safe’ distance from them. Just in case.

3. Respectful approach

This isn’t the time to display all manner of ‘entitlement’ attitudes. You performed below expectations and you know it. A humble approach is especially advised when you’re retaking of the subject is going to involve extra payment, and your parents are the ones footing your fees. Tough spot, isn’t it?

4. Convincing them you will work harder

Moreover, starting on it too. Shelve your football time, or your time out on the parties, and get yourself busy during the holidays, such that it would take your own folks to encourage you to take a break. Actions do speak louder than words. Beyond promises with your mouth, engage yourself in some action aimed to fulfill those promises. You might even discover new, efficient ways to study for the upcoming semester.

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