How to Embrace Your Whole Being and Another Soul the Same Way

how embrace whole being another soul

Just know that you are not alone: that another human being, incarnated on earth, sees your soul can change your whole being. It’s time to embrace your whole being and another soul the same way.

Knowing that one person living on earth, truly loves you – Can change your whole being. What means ‘The ‘I See you’ – The encounter with a Soul-dimension on all levels -:5D shift.

Beyond Time, body and Space.

How to Embrace Your Whole Being and Another Soul the Same Way

Living on your own. Maybe doing what you Love. Maybe living a fulfilling life. Maybe having a great house, a job, and great friends. being healthy. You live your dreams- But nobody to truly share it with. maybe we have scars, or maybe we like to live alone.

Maybe we have reached ‘Enlightenment’- Or our True essence. Finding Love with another human being, on this earth- And be loved in return- Not a man and wife, or an in sexual behavior but another soul being another soul- Without any words, ‘ I see You’, as a soul.

No words to be explained, to gifts, need to be given. No boundaries need to be said Your whole being is presence, your whole soul feels accepted. You do not need to say ‘ I am sorry’, ‘ I am lost’, ‘ I am lonely’, or ‘ I just had the greatest day of my life-‘, you can just be present.

A love like this, maybe happen once in your life, or not.

Maybe this is the most shitty time in Your life- You totally feel depressed or sick. It will always happen, when you choose for Yourself- And think You have to do it all alone. It happens when you do not expect it. Because maybe, you were Free finally. And this choice, made the cosmos do the work.

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Just knowing that You are not alone- That another Human being, incarnated on earth, Sees your Soul- And has a ‘ YES’ from within his soul- To ‘ see you’, for the rest of your life- whatever you become- Whatever you do, It can change your whole being.

Suddenly all drama can be gone. You feel ‘ alive’, you feel rushes all through the body. You have a friend, a buddy, a lover, a partner, a soul-travel on planet Earth. And it is all good.

He sees you- and is ready for a ‘yes’, because it just ‘ is’.

– I see you-

– I see you in return.- And I have rest. I know it inside- And it ‘just’ is’- Let all the other sounds and noises leave your head. Go to sleep. the noise will fade away- it just is, You do not have to do anything for it. It is all good. Love yourself every day more. That’s all you need to do. be present, still, and let it be.

– Love is all around is- But the ‘ I see you’ for real- I not everywhere around is- It is a treasure- So special. – It is a Unique experience- You never read in any book- You have to ‘ LIVE it’- Encounter it- Felt it- There is no movie about it- or no Guru teaching You how to deal with it- or how this feels. It is living true it- not knowing what tomorrow rings- Or what to do- There are no rules or thoughts- helping you to figure it out. It is your OWN travel….

We are here to experience this- Living another soul, for 200%- Trusting the vibes You get- Not mistaking it for all the other things you felt before. it is New.

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