How The Zodiac Signs Died In Hunger Games


How The Zodiac Signs Died In Hunger Games

How They Died In The Hunger Games  

Aries: Stepped off the platform before the countdown finished.  

Taurus: Almost made it to the end but got food poisoning.  

Gemini: Got attacked by the Careers for betraying them.  

Cancer: Eventually gets killed by the leader of the Careers.  

Leo: The leader of the Careers. Eventually becomes a victim of poison.  

Virgo: Sets a series of traps successfully but dies from a Muttation attack.  

Libra: Falls off a tree and breaks their neck  

Scorpio: Goes crazy and kills loads of people but gets targeted by the Careers.  

Sagittarius: Died during Bloodbath by a knife.  

Capricorn: Probably wins, lol!  

Aquarius: Dies of an infection wound from burning flames.  

Pisces: Heartbreak.

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