How The Universe Is Sending You Signs And Why

How the universe Is sending you Signs and why

How the universe Is sending you Signs and why

If you are consciously pursuing something; putting all your belief, thought and intention into it,
the universe will send you signs of confirmation that you are on the right path.
Remember that this works with both positive and negative, as the universe does not know the difference.
It merely sets out to manifest whatever it is you want.
It can show up as synchronicities, people showing up at the right time, deja vu, serendipities,
number sequences, epiphanies, repetitive signs you start to notice as you continue on your path.
All of these things are confirmation of the direction your already headed in, essentially acting as a
mirror to yourself. When you start to see these things show up in your life, you are able to attract to you what it is that you want by magnetizing it.
Everything just seems to feel ‘right’ and flow smoothly.

– Otopian

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