How Can a Beard Improve Your Relationships?

Beard Improve Your Relationships

If you are still trying to figure out if growing a beard is a good decision, then the proven benefits of having it will probably encourage you to give it a go. Growing a beard has several cool benefits – one of which is that it lets you look younger. Your facial hair helps in limiting the exposure of the skin beneath and surrounding it to UV rays.

Some beard care products can also nourish your skin. With that, it is safe to say that having facial hair can help in lessening signs of aging. Your well-developed beard can also:

  • Serve as an insulator during the winter, thereby preventing common colds
  • Prevent skin imperfections
  • Act as a natural moisturizer, hydrating and moisturizing your skin
  • Prevent the negative effects of shaving
  • Lessen your risk of dealing with bacterial infections

Aside from all those benefits, your beard can also make you more attractive, provided you regularly use best hair clippers and other products to care for and maintain your facial hair. Growing one even lets you express your personality and masculinity, which can increase your appeal to the opposite sex.

You will feel more confident, knowing that you look good, which also further makes you more attractive. Furthermore, your beard can improve your relationships through various means that will be covered in this article.

What Attracts Women and Men to Beards?

It is no longer a secret that many are attracted to bearded men. What makes them so attractive? Here are just a few reasons why both men and women are attracted to beards:

1. Shows masculinity –

One thing that a bearded man will always imbibe is a sense of masculinity. Aside from being more masculine, bearded men also show more confidence and commitment. They are so masculine that most people find them attractive.

2. A sign of being committed –

Another thing that makes the beard attractive is that it tends to signify how committed a man is. It is mainly because growing and maintaining a beard requires commitment. Wearing a fully developed one can immediately show how committed you are since you spent time and effort to grow and take care of your facial hair.

3. Displays a classy and timely look –

There is also something classy about wearing a beard. It has that timeless handsome and manly look that makes you look even more attractive.

4. Great to touch –

Your beard can also make you look more attractive simply because the facial hair is nice to touch. It is soft to touch and feels cuddly and tickly, which a lot of women love.

Your beard can also make you look more authoritative while giving an edge over your entire look. It can surely give a positive impression to both men and women and show them your attractive side.

How can a Beard Improve your Relationships?

Aside from improving your look and making you more attractive, having a full-grown beard could also be the key to strengthening your relationships. There are several reasons why your beard can help improve your relationships, especially when it comes to romance and family. Some of these reasons are:

1. Attractiveness and sex appeal

Bearded men are more likely to have stronger romantic relationships because of the improved sex appeal and attractiveness brought on by their facial hair. Being more attractive, it is highly likely for women to continue having an interest in them for a long time. Some women even consider a beard as a sign that a man is into long-term relationships.

The good thing about beards is that they soften features considered as either too masculine or too feminine. With that, expect bearded men to look more appealing to the opposite sex. It is a tool to balance men’s features. The beard can even make those who were viewed as serious look more charming. It is because it indicates one’s willingness to have fun and let loose.

With the kind of attractiveness and sex appeal that can result from growing a beard, your relationship will surely last longer. You will no longer worry about women losing interest in you too soon. It can also build up intimacy.

2. Teaches you about responsibility and commitment

Another reason why growing a beard can improve relationships is that it teaches you two of the most important ingredients to a lasting relationship – responsibility and commitment. Note that most men with beards are among those who are extremely neat and cautious about the way they look.

The whole beard growth process requires serious responsibility and care. It requires a commitment to ensure that you get the kind of beard that you are hoping for. It trains you to be more committed and responsible that can mold you into a better life partner.

3. Develops your patience

Growing a beard also has positive contributions to your relationships considering the fact that it lets you develop patience. Growing and grooming a beard requires a lot of patience, which is a big help if you are planning to develop this habit.

The good thing about learning to become more patient is that it plays a major role in starting a meaningful and serious relationship. Your developed patience also helps maintain and strengthen your connection with others.

4. Indicates protectiveness and independence

Being protective and independent is another quality that you can develop from growing a beard. It is because not all are fond of beards but the fact that you have decided to grow one proves that you are indeed independent.

You stand up for what you believe in and possibly take a beating because of such beliefs. This kind of independence matters most in various kinds of relationships. Bearded men are even perceived as better fathers not only because of their masculine look but also because they tend to be more protective.


Growing a beard can teach you a lot of things that will help strengthen and improve your relationships. It allows you to develop positive habits, like responsibility, patience, commitment, and independence that are all considered as key ingredients in long-lasting relationships. Aside from that, it lets you look more distinguished, trustworthy, respectable, and authoritative. So never hesitate to grow a beard if you feel like it.

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