Hop in the train as the journey is set to begin

Hop in the train as the journey is set to begin

Hop in the train as the journey is set to begin

Lets find where are our problems at.

We time and again let ourselves be deceived with stories which have very less to do with reality or have any significant evidence while being surrounded by all the magnificent and magical stuff- compassion, love, joy.

what ever the stories we hear can be created by our self but we are least bothered. anyway, I have been telling ‘Gnothi Seuton’ (know thyself) and one of the part of knowing yourself is understanding your belief system. Our beliefs are subconscious and we are least bothered to critically examine them before accepting them.

We thereby refuse to hear anything that contradicts with our beliefs. now how do we know where our belief system is creating the problem? Well, you can either take a psychological test or can meditate or the easier and most under looked way is self observation. Let me reveal you the secrets now. You cannot blame TV, teachers, parents, friends or even yourself for the beliefs you have and it is not even important to play the blame game here. The important thing is you want to get rid of it now.

Being in relationships or busy schedules are not necessarily the problems but if the problems you face are 99% times caused due to these then you need to accept and fix the belief system.

You need to watch for yourself over your emotions and thoughts and let go off the beliefs which you hold blindly and which is holding you back.

How to do it?

Write the negative thoughts on a paper and burn it and tell yourself it’s gone now.

Another fact which my physics teacher told me few years back, if we repeat any action for 21 days it turns into a habit. i.e our sub conscious mind includes it in the belief system. So here’s the trick, Write the positive thoughts on a paper and read it aloud few times for 21 days

we just debugged our brain

create your stories, our life is brief but with the magic around we should be thankful for it.

I bow in gratitude to all of you. Thank you for being there, sharing minds and moments, creating memories.

and thank you for reading. Lots of love <3

– Loathsome Shamsir

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