Hold Onto The Memories

Hold Onto The Memories:

Love has so many faces. And one of them is your proud love for me. A love that is endless, like counting an infinite numbers; that surpasses the seventh sky and goes down to the deepest sea. Your affection, compassion and respect are the faces of love I will cherish forever.

Before you came into my life, I have always wanted to know what this thing called, “LOVE” really is. It’s true. I have read about it many times and what I read then came out as words; words that made sense but still merely words. Until suddenly today, I actually felt that they meant- knew deeply what the words conveyed.

You came into my life and changed its trend. You bestowed on me the best affection I never expected. You never let me feel afraid that when I come closer to you, I’ll discover that you are just a dream. When I’m sad, you hold me in your arms until my tears have passed and then you teach me how to smile again. Hugging me so tight when I’m sad, my thoughts are anything but beautiful and innocent. How proud I am of having you in my life. You never hesitated to wipe my lips whenever I eat like a small kid. How can you go wrong? While your other friends are hurting their girls, you are so busy loving me. You never hesitated to stand by me and kiss my forehead on public. They all turned green whenever you wipe my sweat off. They all turned a questioning look at me whenever you handed me a cup of coffee that you, yourself prepared. Without your knowledge, I came across your collection of letters from me and you even have them arranged chronologically, too. I didn’t know that you have treasured even the silly ones! I love you! I can honestly tell before God that I love you as deeply as I am, capable of loving as a woman and as a human being. I have realized that we are two people making wild beautiful love to each other and I’ll always hold this in my heart forever. You know what’s fun? It’s when you told me that you’re going to introduce me to your family and I started to think I’ll be facing a firing squad. But you let me feel infinitely confident. And meeting them is one of my dreams came true.

An immeasurable THANK YOU! I hope we can continuously find strength with each other every day. One day, we’ll look back on this and say, ”Thanks God, for these memories we hold!”


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