Hestia And The Gods

These represents my gods.

The Letter.

The Parking Lot.

The Tattoo.

The Workshop.

THE YEAR 2016 WAS DIFFERENT. It was different because I was so occupied about friendship and development. It is a year when my partner and I appreciated that our relationship is blessed by the anointing of joy. I made friends with strangers, I was connected to the right people and I became at peace with oneself. I grew, progressed. Not in a hurry though taking it slow until the perfect timing hits the road. Half of this year was all about contemplating. Contemplating if I’d already knew myself and how I think. Swimming deep to my own universes until I become nothing and while doing so, unexpectedly, after a decade of asking if I can meet another mirror he suddenly showed up. The one who’s responsible for breaking the barrier that I made for 3 years— my new treasure in which I will give my loyalty again. If you were reading my previous writings, then you already saw the pattern in which indirectly I am showing you.
I am a woman of ambitions. Trust me whenever I say “I will nail it” because no matter how difficult and mind-twisting the scenarios are, I’ll keep moving forward. I won’t be taking a leap again instead I will create my own bridge. All failures that I’d experienced are all the materials I needed to devise. Why don’t we start monopolizing? Going back to the subject I am indeed a slave to joy. It is not perfect. It was confusing at first but I dig up facts to penetrate ideas. At some point, I exploited. Jason Silva said, “we are not crying because we are sad. We are crying because of beauty.” There’s a gigantic concept about beauty and those ideas coming from all aspects of knowledge proves that I, myself, is crying not because I’m sad but for the reason of someone’s beauty or something too beautiful that I can’t handle alone. The beauty of their physique, the values that they’d shown me, the imperfections of their souls and all the mind jams that we started together. Damn! 2016 was purely awe-inspiring!
The breeze continually trying to speak calmness by finding another person who will mirror us back in which can be compared to some indescribable surprises that we can receive from heaven. Positively, love evolves. It grows without borders and can break barriers; build a home on where you and I can dance freely. A home where we can find our soul embarking with truthfulness. Love, friendship, loyalty and trust maybe complicated but it is the most dazzling among all, and I can’t wait to see the sun shining through us, shining to the deepest aspiration of our hearts.
This letter is dedicated to the gods— Athena, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. The nobodies on whom I can be confident with no matter what happens, even, to my last breath. Whoever who can hush me deserves my loyalty. Thank you, Universe, for giving us life and thank you dear nobodies for treating me equal. Cheers to great future together!

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