The Hindu Says: If God Wished To Hide

If God Wished To Hide, God Would Chose Man To Hide In

The Hindu says: “If God wished to hide, God would choose man to hide in”. That is the last place man would look for God.

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  1. The soul is part of God and is also the life giving force. When it leaves, what you know yourself to be is just the corpse. If you clean the mind of Lust Greed Anger Envy Ego… You may just find God

  2. Did no one else read this as it meaning that we do not look within because we consider ourselves unworthy? That’s how I read it anyway. Some interesting interpretations on this post!

  3. A mouse in a science lab might think the scientist is it’s god. As the scientists neighbour I would feel very sorry for the mouse and know the scientist was a cunt.
    These are your Gods. Sick cunts meddling with humanity. Creating humanity as a slave to dig for gold. Still Slaving, still mining gold. Evolve people get with the PROGRAM. Your in a rat race.

    1. My dear Renee,kingdom of heaven is living without money,not depending on the system,not voting for any gov.try getting out of the system into farming and fishing and live with nature without the fear of will witness the kingdom

    2. Lol ok well Renee is talking about being a decent human and finding out that true happiness is in you not in things or people or fishing. You’re talking about being a hippie parti and don’t be condescending it’s rude.

    3. I understand Stephen that when you speak the truth straightforward,the brainwashed find it rude.when I try to explain how to find the kingdom and live a peaceful life with all other creatures and plants and environment,they call me a hippie.You need to think again my friend about how they have vaccinated you, educated and fed you.the lifestyle you live like the sleeping mass is keeping the beast alive and destroying this beautiful paradise of ours and everything else in it.

    4. Your hippie utopia, Parti, is no different to the capitalist project. Looking outside of yourself for happiness will only bring you disappointment if you’re not tapping into and experiencing the peace that comes only from within. It’s not rocket science Einstein. And don’t be patronising Renee – don’t be a dick Parti. Oh, and by the way I don’t subscribe to any religion …

    5. I woke up,trying to wake you up to wake the others.babylon and it’s money system will definitely fall.what will your descendants do?if you really love them,teach them how to live with nature.tokingdom of God.

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