God Is Consciousness…Not A Creator

God Is Consciousness..Not A Creator

God is consciousness, not a creator, but the source of creation itself. God is not independent of you but the totality of everything. So when I say that I am a “God” I’m not referring to my personal self. I’m referring to the expression of the God self that resides inside of me. The verb, the “energy” not the noun. Once you think God is a noun, person, place or thing, you separate yourself from it and immediately become a limited being. There is nobody coming, God sent you. That’s the difference from the believers (religious) and the knowers (spiritualists).

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39 thoughts on “God Is Consciousness…Not A Creator”

  1. Abdulla, you are part of a system, not a thing out of it. If you choose to destroy a flower instead of save it, then the consequences of nature will destroy you. “We are the the result of our choices”. If you understand that Hitler is a God because part of a system named universe, then my friend, you need to study more or at least, think that the Sun and Moon are in movement thanks to an invisible God which play bowling with them

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