God Is Consciousness…Not A Creator

God Is Consciousness..Not A Creator

God is consciousness… not a creator. God is the source of creation itself. It (not he or she) IT is not independent of you. It is the totality of everything. So when I call myself God I am not talking about my personal self. I am talking about the expression of the God-self that rests inside of me. The verb… the ENERGY… not the noun. Once you think God is a noun, person, place, or thing, you separate yourself from it and immediately become a limited being. That’s what separates the believers (religious) from the knowers (spiritual).

39 thoughts on “God Is Consciousness…Not A Creator”

  1. Abdulla, you are part of a system, not a thing out of it. If you choose to destroy a flower instead of save it, then the consequences of nature will destroy you. “We are the the result of our choices”. If you understand that Hitler is a God because part of a system named universe, then my friend, you need to study more or at least, think that the Sun and Moon are in movement thanks to an invisible God which play bowling with them

  2. I thought of this by myself (not word for word) and told it to a few friends then one said I was going to go crazy.. have been paranoid since… What’s happening with me?

  3. May I suggest to read again without judgement? I can hear your frustration and negativity from where I’m sitting…why are you talking to someone on that tone? is it written in your book? If you decide to limit yourself up to you …but let us be and at least respect the difference.

  4. This life that you speak about, is an illusion. No shit it ends when we die, but energy is not created nor destroyed. We are infinite beings. Infinite in nature, not personality or ego. Pick up a fucking book

  5. If your Allah can play with the sun, maybe can save children and old ppl to be decapitated in his name too, don’t you think so? Your Allah is nothing that your Ego together with your Fear of Nothingness. The religions with iconographic elements will disappeared. The evolution will bring you ppl of Quran on the right way, maybe not now, maybe not in 200 hundreds years, but soon or later you ppl will understand the ultimate Truth. Human being is the most beautiful angel but also the most horrible demon

  6. The spiritual are still “the believers” and not the arrogantly self-titled “the knowers” (LOL) because of the lack of substance and credibility of the claims of the fragmented, wishful thinking, pseudo-scientific, mess that is modern spirituality which is based on the same superstitions and human frailties as all other religions.

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