Every chord you strike echoes in my heart

Every chord you strike echoes in my heart
Jaimie Mazzone

Every chord you strike
echoes in my heart
making it beat like a drum.
Play the right keys
and you will unlock
the door to my soul.

Karthik Parthasarathy

The signal of your arrival
sounds like music to my ears
Even the mere pressing of a doorbell
sounds like a pianist
playing in a symphony
Is this, the madness called love?

Rinku Shah

For those who look,
Music is everywhere
Up, down, in every nook.
A secret I’ll share,
You can find music in mundane chores.
Cleaning drawers or trip to stores,
Even in a doorbell
Music can cast a spell
With the right spirit,
You can listen to it!

Divyatuli Garg

Love is like music.
When right chords are struck
It opens the door to a new world.
Unlocking it with keys of emotions.
Making your heart n soul sing
the divine tune of togetherness.

Anjana Surendran

Doorbell rings and heart starts to sing
Those longings and wantings to cling
That soul over there set alive dancing
Is it really dream come true?

Rinku Shah

Music can open a closed door,
Walled hearts begin to pour.
Bridges between relationships gone sour,
Feel a loved one who is far.
That’s the musical power🎶

Ramya Raghuraman

With just one chord
Creating music is hard
Yet when hard seems untrue
It can be only because of you

Sunny Marie

Piano key,
Play a tune,
Just for me
An I’ll open my door.

Manisha Shrestha

The doors to my heart
open only when
you ring the right notes.

Sulekha Pande

Some sounds,
are music to the soul.

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