Empathy at your face, Mockery behind your back

Empathy at your face, Mockery behind your back
Karthik Parthasarathy
Karthik Parthasarathy

Empathy at your face,
Mockery behind your back,

Relationship that is a farce,
Might as well give him a whack.
Don’t judge your worth,
Based on what they say,
Goodness in the world, there is no dearth,
Might as well throw them away.

Rinku Shah

Real intention vs Fake action
What to believe is your decision!

Hrisha Paul

Shadows don’t wear a mask,
people do.
He who came to help you,
might be the one
who pushed you on your knees.

M Jeyaram

When people show up
Shadow their true nature.
Else you will lose your substance
In your acceptance.
For, sense is better
than semblance.

Jaimie Mazzone

I saw your true intention
casting the shadow of your own insecurity.
I will not play the role of your victim.
The veil has been lifted
and the shadows cast
shall fall into the light.

Mhel Mendoza

Not everyone who offers
a helping hand is a friend.
Some are just manipulative pretenders.
Don’t get fooled by their simple acts.
Deep within their souls lie an evil laugh.
Learn to stand up on your own instead.
Know who is really worth your trust. .

Sulekha Pande

Shadows never lie,
look carefully at those who try,
the agendae are always hidden,
the deceptive are never guilt ridden.

Evalagne Tayaotao

Don’t let your eyes
deceive you.

Sulekha Pande

Not every hand that is extended,
is to help you.

Severina Afrodita

I saw the creepy shadow
which was your silhouette,
as you bent over,
stretched out your hand,
when I was so upset.
You offered help,
and talked so sweet,
when everyone had walked away,

I told my story through my tears,
you said everything would be Ok.
Until I found out that my pain
was put out there on display,

when you shared it around after you left me,
but had promised me to stay.

Right then I thought about the shadow,
which I saw the very first day,

I saw it laughing all that while,
and all I wanted was to pray.

I should have listened
when my soul knew
something was amiss,
Instead of holding my hand out,
accepting help, like the devil’s kiss.


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