Effortless I fought my demons

Effortless I fought my demons
Aderinboye Micheal Olawale


Effortless I fought my demons 
when you became a part of me.
I killed my fears when I met you!!
I buried my past with no regrets
I chose you only you!
I love you
Debra Pry
Find someone 
who is a warrior.
Someone who will 
fight battles with you
Not against you.
Sherry Greene


Their love stood upon 
the bodies of their defeated 
former lovers 
Shubhra Singh


Let the world
Be against us
Against our love
And souls,
I will light every fire to burn
Will sharpen every knife
Will dig every grave for them
Kick every curse,
Will find our infinite love
With each drop of moon
Just be with me .
Be mine .


Karthik Parthasarathy


Finding Order among chaos,
Seeking love 
in the strangest of situations,
Yet some manage to find it,
No wonder, Love is crazy.
Jaf Fuentes


Even my demons cant keep me from loving you.


Shannon Nixon


Love is insane.
Yet the price is
worth the pain.

Patrice Agnor


Fighting our demons
as one

Mary Angelica Amerkhan


Love conquers all.


Anindya J Ganguly


With all the odds stacked up
Against I & You
We fight the corpse of a crumbling world
In blaize of a breezy beau.

The thirsty lovers remain folied
Trapped in the erst of time
Frozen for lives in a nomads land
They live, love, sustain, survive.

They sow, they seed
Amour & bliss
As zombies resurrect & try to kill
Their little nest of love
That floats & shine
In the essence of moon’s blazing light.

Let’s tonight, for a while,
You & I
Breathe in the cocoon of the fragrant night
Till dawn decays in the fetishing moonlight
Let us feast on our love tonight. 

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