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7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Do you ever dream of something that is strange? Don’t be alarmed, you’re not alone. There are some types of dreams like falling, being chased, or flying that are shared by most people. But, the greater question lies in whether these dreams have a deeper meaning?

Some dreams, according to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, have a specific meaning and are linked to our minds. Our dreams are simply a reflection of what is going on in our heads. They are manifestations of subconscious desires and depending on where we are in life, we all have a wide range of dreams.

Knowing the meaning of your dreams can help you discover what is going on in your unconscious mind. Don’t you want to know if your dreams have an underlying message or deeper meanings? 

7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Here Are 7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

1. Dreams About Falling

7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Have you ever had a strange dream in which you see yourself falling? You try to move but you’re helpless and you wake up being startled. According to researchers, this kind of dream is the most common of all. It tells you about your current situation in life.

When things don’t go as planned, you tend to dream about falling. You feel like you’re stumbling, and this reflects your emotional distress, anxiety, or failure. Perhaps you want to make a significant life change, start a new business, or relocate to another state, but you are afraid to take risks.

Dreaming of falling now indicates that you need to reconsider your choices and seek guidance in some areas of your life. You fall because you are afraid of obstacles in your path. You must overcome your fear and move forward.

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2. Dreams About Showing Up Late

7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Showing up late is a common theme in dreams and if you’ve experienced it, then don’t worry it doesn’t have an extremely complicated meaning. It is basically a manifestation of you finding it difficult to live up to your own expectations and others.

Have you been stressed out with your work or career lately? We get how everyone has several expectations from us, our parents, our spouse and friends to our work, and last but not least we also have expectations from ourselves. When we dream that we are late or that we are about to be late, it is often because we are having a tough time achieving our goals.

While the interpretation of each dream differs from person to person, on a general note running late in a dream can also be related to anxiety or stress. You may also experience FOMO (fear of missing out) in relationships, opportunities, or anything important. No matter how hard you try, there are things you can’t control or things you will miss because you can’t possibly be everywhere. So, give yourself some time and calmness, and you will be able to meet your goals in no time. 

3. Dreams About Meeting A Celeb

7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings
7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

We all dream about meeting our favorite celebrities, but what if it’s just not a simple dream and it may have hidden meanings?

Well, when you dream of meeting a celeb it could be that you desire to either be with them or be like them. You are in awe of that celeb’s personality, charm, and looks that you wish you could see in real life. 

Another way of interpreting this is that it could be a reflection of an unbalanced relationship in your life. Maybe with your spouse, siblings or parents. Chances are that you might want to seek their attention and don’t know how to carry it forward. If this is the case then make an attempt of making things better than them.

You usually dream like this when a charismatic personality seems better than the people in your life.

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