7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Common Dreams and Meanings

Dreams reflect your unconscious desires and wishes according to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. We all have wide varieties of dreams depending on our life state. But there are some dreams that are very common and knowing their meanings can help you discover what’s there in your unconscious mind. 


Here are seven common dreams and their meanings. Read on to know what your dreams are trying to tell you!

1. Dream Of Falling

7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Falling dreams are very common and according to research it reflects the state of helplessness or anxiety or fear of loss. 

Maybe you are wanting to do something big with your business? Or planning for some major life change? Falling dreams indicate the need to rethink your choices and directions in some areas of your life. Seems like it’s time for some big change in your life.

.A dream where you are falling and landing on your feet is a sign that you will overcome obstacles and move on the path that is safe. Falling dreams can also be an alert to threats in your environment. 

2. Dream Of Showing Up Late

7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

It means you are afraid of missing something – relationships, opportunity or anything critical. Showing up late in your dreams is a signal that you need a change in life. 

No matter how hard you try, there are things you can’t control. So, take a chill pill, give yourself some time and you will be able to meet your goals. 

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3. Dream Of Meeting A Celeb:

7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

This dream means you are trying to catch up with someone from the past. If it is true then try reaching them out. 

Meeting celebrity in your dreams also reflects an unequal balance between the people in your life. Maybe you are craving for attention or planning some charitable acts or in need to improve relationship with yourself and others around you.

4. Dream Of Being Naked

7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

This is one of the most common and awkward dreams and is a signal that you are afraid of revealing your imperfections and shortcomings.

But, don’t worry! Just try to be your true self and tap into your inner potential. Because it’s time for you to experience some positive changes in your life. 

5. Dream Of Being Chased:

7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

This type of dreams is common when you are trying to avoid a problem in your daily life. It can be related to past relationships, escaping from your fears, desires and other feelings.

Chasing dreams symbolize that you will be able to resolve your lingering problems. 

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6. Dream Of Flying:

7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Flying dreams often sumbolise freedom as well as willingness to escape from pressures of the real world. Are you trying to free yourself from some social norms and restraints?  Flying dream is like a wake-up call to your conscious mind. 

The dream of flying also indicates a chance for singles to rekindlee their old flame. Your ex or crush is about to come back in your life. 

Well, that sounds like a good news for all singles out there. But those in relationships must be careful.

7. Dream Of Pregnancy

7 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Pregnancy dreams mostly represent everything from creativity to fear. These dreams are commonly associated with something that is in growing and development phase and presage difficult times. 

If you are single and dreaming of pregnancy then it is an indication that your life life is about to heat up. And those married may have fears of being an inadequate mother or on the verge of deepening their love relationships. 

What is your most common dream?


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