Depression sometimes wears a handsome suit.

Depression sometimes wears a handsome suit.

Xavier Racaud


Depression sometimes 
wears a handsome suit.
Kamlesh Bhasin
My silent identity, 
hidden deep down 
my personality 
The world outside,
Knows not what’s inside.
They see a strong, confident man.
But inside, I am still trying to do what I can,
To come out of my own illusion.
I am still struggling to find a solution.
To cope up with reality.
To deal with this paradoxical duality.
Lisa Sanderson Smith
I am only a shell of who I once was, 
and though I stand up 
and do what must be done, 
inside I hide and cower alone, 
afraid and withdrawn. 
Rinku Shah
My attire was my defence,
But I’m tired of this pretence.
Finally ready to reveal…
Exhausted trying to conceal.
The real Me
For the world to see!
Priyanka Tripathi
The scared and broken 
inner child 
cries silently for help,
inside the confident yet 
emotionless man! 
Karen MacLeod
Falsely upright is
the naked truth of a
man in a suit with a choking tie
as he holds his lie
tight deep down
until it
splits him apart
at the seams of
an absent heart.
Jackie De Klerk
The outer shell is easy to pretend,
 the inner being takes longer to mend.
Tracy Bowman
 The boy inside the man

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