Cutting The Connection, Severing The Bond

Cutting The Connection, Severing The Bond
Sulekha Pande

Cutting the connection,
severing the bond,
It's better to let go,
when the hearts
no longer respond.


Satarupa Goswami

You may have cut our strings,
but we both are secretly bleeding alike


Katarzyna Dela

Sometimes you just have to
find the strength in yourself,
to disconnect the bond,
that drain you.


Kayley Easterbrook

Severing the most
sacred connection


Felicia Holmes

Unreciprocated love
will bleed you dry,
If you wish to survive,
cut the tie.


Karthik Parthasarathy

As I try to sever our connection,
I look back at the moments between us,
The happy ones and the sad,
The frustrating and the exhilarating,
At the end of it all, here we are.
Standing at the edge, to make a choice.
Severing this connection,
Is that the best thing
to happen to both of us.?


Anindya J Ganguly

With the scissor of narcissism
Breeding in my thought
I snap the corbel snippet
Of our bleeding umbilical cord.


Sherry Greene

I'm so sorry
To hurt you, hon
The time has come
It must be done


Archana Gupta

It’s time for us
to set each other free!


Sonam Bhargava Agarwal

"If I cut you off, chances are
you handed me the scissors"

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