“Cube Test” Will Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your Personality

“Cube Test” Will Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your Personality

The following game was designed by Japanese psychologists to reveal parts of your personality that may be hidden to you.


This particular game named “the cube test” was taken from the bestselling Japanese book, Kokology which is a series of games that that uses proven psychological principles which reveal your hidden attitudes about sex, family, love, work, and life.


I know there are many similar tests like this that fly around the internet that are pretty meaningless and not very accurate, but this one just happens to be one of the cool ones that is really quite revealing.


So take the test to see if you can learn a little bit more about yourself –

How was the test for you?

Did it reveal any insights you may be overlooking in your life?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Much love, Luke

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37 thoughts on ““Cube Test” Will Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your Personality”

  1. What do you make of mine?

    I imagined myself walking through a vast, endless Sahara-type desert. I encounter the “cube”, which more or less could fit inside my lap (soccer-ball sized), directly in my path. Upon discovery, the cube is a bit dusty, perhaps partially buried in the sand, but as soon as I pick it up, it becomes extremely dark & shiny (i.e. a metallic-marble texture). I notice that the “cube” causes an unsettling feeling in me, and I suspect that the “cube” holds some sort of inherent power.

    Next, the ladder. The ladder is “normal-sized” (i.e. like the ones used to clean the roofs of houses), and is made of dense, maroon-colored rusting metal. The surface of the ladder is rough, old, and peeling away with the rust and oxidation. It lies flat on the ground, besides the cube, with its base pointing towards me and the top in the direction of my path.

    The horse I imagined was a magnificent, elegant, white horse with long, flowing manes (also white). She is not restrained, but has a lightly-colored saddle on her. She appears very calm, and is standing besides the ladder (to the left) while facing the cube. She does not move and simply stands there, her manes blowing in the desert breeze.

    The flowers I imagine were sparse. They were few in number (10-20) and were planted in the ground around the horse’s feet and around where she was standing. They were small, appeared fragile, and were mostly light in color (yellow & white were predominant colors, although others were present).

    What are your 2cents? 🙂

  2. Why should I follow everything they say to imagine, what if I didn’t want to imagine for example, flowers or horse? Does it mean I would cheat on this test? Just asking.

  3. That was about 80% accurate because I only pictured the horse standing beside the cube and the ladder and it didn’t say anything about that. Plus I pictured out lots of flowers around but I didn’t really want to have a lot of kids. However, I am fond of kids

  4. 50% accurate for me. For example I imagined 100s of flowers but certainly do think about or want a lot of children. Also I am very stressed at the moment but I imagined the storm far away.

  5. Wow.
    MY Cube code rest in my hand, but I can not close my hand around d it.
    It is clear… acrylic.
    The ladder is near the cube but does not touch. It is an aluminum extention ladder.
    My horse is prancing around the area which is covered in wild flowers.
    The story is fast approaching g but the winds are cool and exciting.

  6. Thankyou minds journal:) it was nice to find out that I’m not really stressed afterall, especially with current events:) have loved your posts since I joined:):) nearly as good as MLAP:)

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