One day, I asked God whether my childhood could be reclaimed.
Since that is gone, my heart is in anguish and had severely pained
When happiness was not dependent on getting worldly achievement
The simple warmth on my face was a reason of pure attainment
My entire universe revolved around the toys my dad fetched
Glaring at those broken pieces, left me in pain and enmeshed
The beauty of doll house and kitchen hold items were ideal
Everything I owned back then was artificial yet seemed real
I was so minute to get frightened by the voice of lightening
The kid inside me has died, what could be more saddening?
The mirth on my face was attractive and more of affable
Eventually, I was taught to conceal my feelings that were capable
I miss creating playhouse by the help of terracotta and clay
I wish I could relive the moments and do not keep myself astray
The stories and gorgeous lullabies my grandma used to sing
My desires to get back the hugs upon which I could cling
I wasn’t afraid in attending the congregation of my opponents
Even in rivalries we had an idea of basic humanity components
It feels like my delighted retentions of juvenile are ablated
Alas! The good vibes of childhood are now colorless and faded

Asma Rashid//Decipherable Writings

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