Intergenerational Trauma: Can Trauma be Passed on through our DNA?

Intergenerational Trauma: Can Trauma be Passed on through our DNA?

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Prof. Judy Atkinson speaks about her work helping entire indigenous communities heal from transgenerational trauma in her book Trauma Trails, and the traditional approach she works with can be found in the following Uplift article. Techniques such as breathwork and vipassana have also been successful as well as severe cases of PTSD having been healed through psychedelic means such as MDMA assisted psychotherapy, or ceremonial use of Ayahuasca.

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Evolving, Not Devolving As A Species

I like to think that the epigenetic structure of our DNA can be like either a rock or a crystal. The molecules in a rock can be identical to those found in a crystal with the only difference being that the molecules in the rock are jumbled and those in the crystal are more aligned allowing light to pass through.

In the same way, perhaps there are more jumbled and more aligned states that those amino acids on/off switches in our DNA can find themselves in. The good news is that if our epigenetic structure can become relatively jumbled due to challenging and painful environmental factors, they may also become more aligned as we make healthier decisions about exposing yourself to less environmental contaminants and, if possible, less emotional contaminants like stress and trauma.

My personal theory about life is that the reality we live in is a rigged game; that all paths lead to learning and growth. The less gentle path may be for the quality of our DNA to degrade, perhaps increasing the likelihood that a) those that can’t adapt fast enough don’t survive, as well as b) sudden mutation jumping us to a different sub-branch of the evolutionary tree. The more gentle path to evolution maybe by bringing our epigenetic code into higher states of alignment by healing our past pain and trauma and perhaps even healing the trauma that was passed to us from our ancestors.

The only question that remains is: what kind of species do we wish to be?

Written by Jonathan Davis
Source Uplift Connect

Can Trauma be Passed on through our DNA2
Intergenerational Trauma: Can Trauma be Passed on through our DNA?
Intergenerational Trauma: Can Trauma be Passed on through our DNA?

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18 thoughts on “Intergenerational Trauma: Can Trauma be Passed on through our DNA?”

  1. I completely believe this to be true. Healthy choices, exercise, positive words, song, conversation can and does change outcomes.

  2. “Epigenetics” was first proposed and described as “multi generational” or “trans generational heredity” in the 1999 book “Rock Prophecy” by Michael Fairchild, in a chapter titled “Herd Thinners.” The manuscript for this book was copyright in 1995. Yet every mention of epigenetics and its origins as a theory omits this fact.
    The text passages from the book that prove this are online at the webpage: rockprophecy com/epigenome.html
    Although the term “epigenetics” goes back further in time, it was not applied to trans generational heredity until 2002, seven years after being explained by Mr. Fairchild, and years after the publication of the “Rock Prophecy” book. Reading the website for that book, it seems the author claims that the theft of his work was done intentionally, taking his explanation and applying an older term (epigenetics) to it when that term originally had nothing to do with multi generational heredity. Very curious.

  3. Lekin Jo dard hai woh DNA se nahi transfer hota hai.hum yeh bhi dekhtey hai Ki newly borned baby ko birth sey he bimari ya rahti hai.toh aisa kyon.toh all these r results of our karma made in the past !!!

  4. Nooooooo !!!! Lekin kabhi kabhi parents Ki galtiyo Ki Unkey papo Ki saja unkey bachcho ko zelni padti hai. Woh bhi hamarey past karmo ka he result hota hai.isiliye humko woh log he parents ke form me miltey hai.n U know parents toh hum soch samazkar choose nahi kar saktey hai.woh humko apney he karmo ke karan miltey hai

    1. :'( I’ve had a rough childhood because of my parents…I’m okay now I suppose. I do however suffer from panic/anxiety disorder and PTSD. I get so scared sometimes that I convince myself that everything is falling apart. When in reality it’s not as bad as my brain is making it seem. I hope one day very soon I’ll be able to let go of the thoughts that remind me of my past trauma.

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