Breakthrough Essentials To Thriving

Breakthrough Essentials To Thriving

Are You Thriving or Trapped in the Limitation Box?

How do we break from limitations and thrive in life? We consume the books, quiet ourselves in meditation, flood the churches and contort our bodies in yoga studios seeking enlightenment. The wise teachers say it’s right there inside us all along, yet we often live like men dying of thirst trekking across dry desserts while we complain of the weight of full canteens strapped to our sides. We’re  such wonky beings!

The philosopher and brilliant theologian CS Lewis said, “We are like little children splashing in mud puddles that never knew a day at the beach, content with breadcrumbs from the table not realizing our cupboards are full.”

Call it the Ego, the Devil, the Darkness, the Shadow Self…hell, call it Satan with visions of horns and pitch forks, it doesn’t really matter! There is a force of the universe that can be partnered with, a resistant counter push, that if met with judo-like intention, can be re-directed to powerfully catapult us to new states of being, higher-selves paving the way to immeasurable peace and tranquility.

How? Glad you asked!

When you are done, truly done…there your freedom will be, waiting for you to embrace. It will be a righteous anger that will pave the way for your vindication to a life of thriving.

Still skeptical?  Fine, I’ll share a deeper version of the story.

In 2009, I began a journey of freedom. Read this, relate to it and I’ll show you how to build your own story that will offer a sense of vindication and clarity that will create a powerful foundation to building a life where you thrive.

Ready? Check it out…it’s dark, but raw-and-real and was the breakthrough catalyst to massive awakening!

“Born into a fully developed plan not yet lived, I scurry from infancy to run a race set before me. Attempting to be fashionable in another person’s custom suit, I hack at the sleeves and roll up the legs, spit-shining my own shoes to convince you I’m winning at a game I don’t even want to play.

Robin is a this, a that….bombarded by titles, encapsulated in a confining box, I grow into hysteria levels of claustrophobia instigated by only one of your assuming questions of leading intent. If only you were truly curious about…me.

You see me, my appearance, faults or even my talents and your “Box Factory” is busy at construction in preparation of how well you’ll stuff me inside and call it leadership. For years I’ve been content, excited even with fancy boxes coated in velvet, placed on pedestals only to find the bow I was wrapped in became my leash for another’s humorous get-back-in-line tug.

Worse, when all hope is lost and self identity squeezed out, when my title became my name bestowed to me on your plastic trophy to indicate reward, my only escape was to take your pricey red ribbon and hang myself to create a self-imposed freedom…if only for a minute.  At one point of epic desperation, I’m content with only a second of distance, separated from your story for me.  Give me the dignity of rebellion!

There is a notion of freedom, an air of your perfume and it smells SO sweet.  I’m intoxicated back into your matrix of control, disguised by brilliant packaging.  Lured back in by the beautiful sirens sexual call…I compete and claw for yet another plastic trophy if I’ll only to achieve that next obscure metric.

Like a chicken paid to dance, you heat the expectation floor to scalding temperatures so I’ll amuse you with rewards and once tired and done…I hop back into my box home where I can sit on the shelf, quiet and neat. My eyes shut from weariness, looking for rest, there is  a burning pull inside me.  It’s warm, soothing and my spirit tingles as it whispers to me.  It’s my creator’s voice, offering a glimmer of sunshine if I’ll only follow this light inside me.

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