Books Expands Your Horizon

Books Expands Your Horizon
Arem Manalang

Books expands your horizon
beyond your eyes can see.


Sam Titi Pudumo

Knowledge gives you foresight
of your destiny.


Barbara Bauer

What a view from a book.


Karen MacLeod

Oh, the places you'll go,
the things you will see.
The wide open spaces,
the people, their faces,
their answers await us.
With eyes open wide
you discover inside, how just
one book can change your outlook.


Rinku Shah

With a book in my hand,
There is no faraway land.
That I can’t reach,
So much that books can teach.
Take me to any place in the yonder.
The power of books, make me wonder!


Monika Ajay Kaul


Books only showed me.
What a beautiful kaleidoscope
the world is.


Debra Pry

Seeing beyond the imagination.
Books are a Magical Escape.


Jimmi T’Chiron

With books,
I travel to other worlds,
word by word, I open my eyes
& see what my mind
ever wished to be.


Lauren Fields

Sometimes all it takes
is one good book
to dramatically alter the way
you see the world.



Murtuza Diwan

Reading is the beginning
of exploration


Martin Xayachack

A good book can help you see
what no one else can see.


Belinda Stott

Opening the eyes
to the imagination.



Happy Honey

Through the books
you can see the whole world


Buffy Irwin

I go on adventures every day,
the pages of my book
carry me away!


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